The Art of Type 2 Fun

Karey is an avid cyclist and adventurer and has been so most of her life.  While she has taken intermittent breaks from epic adventures because of her schooling and life in general, the great outdoors always seems to beckon her to return. She has made a name for herself in the local bike racing scene where she founded an all women's bike racing team, West Coast Women's Cycling and was acting director until 2018. She recently handed off the team to a well-suited teammate, but still is an active member of the team, racing Enduro Mountain Bike races when she can. She also previously served as the women's racing liaison for the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association from 2013 - 2016 and is still an advocate for all things women's cycling and adventuring!  

Karey was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho where she learned to enjoy the outdoors as a child. Her grandfather Harold, an accomplished mountaineer and climber, often took her and her cousins out on all types of adventures (probably more than they could handle sometimes) including hikes into deep caves filled with water and on ferry boats to remote islands with waterfalls. Since she was young, she has always enjoyed camping, hiking with her mom and dad and brother. Her adult years have also incorporated road biking, mountain biking, bike packing, backpacking, snowshoeing and really anything having to do with the outdoors.   

Karey is a firm believer that the more epic the adventure, the better, and she looks for this in everyting she does. She finds sheer joy in the aftershock of the Type-2-Fun adventure... you know...the kind of adventure where you suffer so much both mentally and physically that you sometimes can't remember why you are doing what you are doing while you are doing it, but then then you finally reach the summit of the climb and experience the exhilerating descent or the magnificant view of the summit and pretty much just wanna cry out of sheer joy and exhaustion all at once. It is those times, Karey believes, that bring us closest to knowing our true selves and finding the answers that we search for in life. She also firmly believes that all of us should be able to enjoy these adventures on whatever scale and encourages everyone, especially the women-folk out there, to get out and follow their adventure dreams!  



Adventure to find yourself


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