The Art of Type 2 Fun

Karey Miles is an adventurer and a musician living in Portland, Oregon. She is actively seeking adventures around the globe, mostly on her bike, but also by foot and whatever else comes her way.  She is an avid cyclist both on and off road and while she used to race her bicycle, she is now most passionate about the art of epic adventure.  Whether back- or bike-packing, she is always on the search for her next adventure.  She is also an advocate for women's cycling and is the founder and past director of the all-women's cycling team, West Coast Women's Cycling as well as a long-time advocate for women's cycling in Oregon and beyond.  She recently graduated with her Masters in Collaborate Piano from Portland State and is looking forward to more adventures in her musical realm as well as many more adventures to come in the near future!  



It’s an intresting feeling knowing that you are about to embark on a journey that will ultimately change the person that you are.  You will come back not the same, you will not come back into your front door the same person you left it three weeks before.  And the thought of that… that makes your stomach tie in knots, but it also makes the tiny hairs stand up on the back of your neck.  And both of those things combined are why you do step out that door into the unexpected...into that life-changing adventure. It is why we come back again and again, as long as our mind and our body allows us to do so.  Knowing that we can go into this adventure and into the wild knowing that there are somethings out of our control, some things we cannot determine, and yet we know these are the things that will help us grow and change the most. And it is those of us that seek that challenge that have the opportunity to share this growth with others who may have not yet discovered what the wild Mother Nature can bring to us.  It is our responsibiltiy to share that with others and what we have learned in our hearts as we feed from her wild and unwielding nature. 


It is not the adventure itself that is what you pine for. It is the growth and opportunity that awaits you on the other side.


There's fun. And then there's Type-2-Fun...and while I prefer all types of fun, I find that Type-2-Fun is the stuff that brings me closer to understanding who I truly am.


If you have any inkling that you want to do it, do it. Even if there is fear and doubt, if you want it, go after it. And if you don't succeed the first time, well then, you learn what didn't go so well the first time and then you try, try again.